Louis XV style

Louis XV style


Boudoir Chair

Made in the XVII century, inspired by the Louis XV french style in the early fifties, this rectangular form side chair is raised on four cabriole molded legs with  leaf carvings on the scroll feet, and surmounted by a rosette carved cartouche in the center of the crest rail.

These chairs were used by women in a private room dedicated to beauty, called Boudoir.


Cabriolet Armchair

Fabricated in the 17century, and widely re produced in the 20th century, the cabriolet armchair is a refined seat with separated armrests. It has a flared and feminine shape. Its legs are curved and its arms are scrolled., The wood is carved with elegant flowers. It is the perfect touch in any home decoration, classical or contemporary.

600 €
US$ 690
CAN$ 900