Our story

Based in Nantes, France Atlantic west coast, L’Héritière (the Heiress), is managed by Séverine Martin, whose passion for antiques and old prints led her to create her own company . Her vision is that a change of pattern can give an antique a new life, with a spot in the interiors.

Unique pieces

Each chair has been carefully sourced and selected by L’Héritière. We particularly appreciate 20th century chairs such as French Art Deco Bridge Chairs, Danish style chairs, and many other accent chairs .

Each seat has been completly resurrected and fully restored by experts . The frame is checked, repaired if necessary, stripped, stained and finished or polished, by a cabinet maker . The chairs remain antiques, that still bare some traces from the past .

A qualified upholsterer redresses them with contemporary, fashionable and sophisticated fabrics from French and European designers, such as Pierre Frey, Jean-Paul Gauthier, Designer Guilds, etc…

Each chair becomes a unique piece of French decoration, which could find its place in anyone’s home, be it traditional, modern or eclectic, adding a bit of French lifestyle. L’Héritière aims at transforming a lusterless loveseat into an eye catching couch .



L’Héritière adds to her collection different sizes and shapes of cushions and pillows, specially made by her upholsterer. Upgrade your decoration with accent pillows, and adorn your home with both refined style and comfort.

Our pillows

Publicités anciennes

Vintage ads

French vintage advertisings are also offered in order to make your home unique . Framed with care by an expert, these old prints come from early 20th news-papers .

Our vintage ads

Selection & elegance

L’Héritière works with customers who desire a French touch in their interior as well as designers who want to suggest their clients refined and fashionable antiques.